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salam everyone,

Well, it has been a long time posting in this blog since I am going to study for my UPSR. it's almost near so I must get ready but before that, I'll make sure that I will always visit and post in my blog. I've got low marks in that past exam and it was really frustrating. I only have two months and it was a very short period, for me. Well, if you guys read this, I hope that you could wish me good luck in the UPSR. Oh, and also visit my new blog .. I just want to make a plain blog which I could share some stories with the others. Salam ...



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Adibah Noor Terlalu Istimewa


BeAuTiFuL pIcTuRe..

BeAuTiFuL pIcTuRe..

6 T3xT 4 U

1) We Have To 'Make Hay While The Sun Shines' For Examination

2) Save Our Money Because 'Money Doesn't Grow On Trees'.

3)We Can't Give Up Because 'The Devil Looks After His Own'

4)We Shouldn't Waste Time Because 'Time Is Money'

5)We Must Work Together Because 'Many Hands Make Light Works'

6)We Must Be Kind For Peoples Because 'Kindness Begets Kindness'

SyDnEy,AuStRaLiA ^_^

SyDnEy,AuStRaLiA ^_^

me and my fwen Sarah Z.B.

me and my fwen Sarah Z.B.

OtHeR pOsT

salam semua..kalau nk tengok post len diminta lihat kat bawah post terakhir dan tekan older post..ada banyak lagi post2 lamer..salam..tq!